Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Full-Service Repairs Of The Highest Quality

The Clear Choice

For All Your Pool Repairs

When your equipment fails you can rely on the best to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Common problems we fix daily include:

  • Leaky Pool Plumbing

  • Leaking Filters

  • Ripped Liners

  • Faulty Pool Equipment

  • Green Pools

  • Noisy Pumps

  • Chemical Feeder Issues

  • Unusual Pool Chemistry

  • Heater Issues Or Failure

  • Salt System Issues Or Failure


You’ll never be left waiting for an answer to your issue. Our skilled technicians will assess the problem and promptly report back.

Repair Techs

All our repair technicians are highly qualified in all aspects of pool systems repair and installation and are all staffed in-house.


No one wants to be left waiting when complications arise, which is why we pride ourselves on responding promptly from start to finish.

30+ Years

With decades of experience in both installation and repair, you can be confident that your pool is in the right hands.


We want every customer to stay with us for life, which is we strive for the absolute best in service and customer satisfaction with our work and our products.

Should I Repair My Pump?

If your pump is noisy or if it is just not working then call us to come out and have a look for you.

Sometimes those old pumps are just not worth fixing, but we will do our best to breathe life into them if we can for a reasonable price.

Our answer usually leans customers towards a new pump as you can purchase a basic new pool pump for a little more than a repair, with the benefits of installing a new pump or energy efficient pool pump.

Our team will discuss the pros and cons of fixing an older pump with the benefits of installing a new pump or energy efficient pool pump.

Pool Repairs

Pool Heater Replacement & Repair

We are committed to providing Full-Service Repair at the highest level.

Get access to an onsite quote and also to our complete range of pool pumps, all brands, all price points and a full range of warranties.

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