Stunning Custom Pools

Stunning Custom Pools

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Your Personal Oasis

Deciding on who to hire to construct a pool for your backyard can be a daunting task. Naturally, it is important to select someone who not only has the experience but references and a portfolio as well to guarantee your peace of mind, something we are happy to offer.

We would love to have the opportunity to have a chat with you about your project – give us a call anytime! We are happy to provide complimentary quotes for in-ground pool layouts.

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Our Custom Pool Process

A general guideline of what you can expect throughout the pool building process.

Visiting The Site

The initial site visit is one of the most critical steps in the entire pool design process. You will meet with one of our builders at your home in order to discuss precise measurements according to the space available within the limit of your towns local ordinances.

We will collect information regarding how we can enter your property with our equipment, a detailed survey, measurements as well as photos to guide us during the building process.


When designing a pool, there are a variety of aspects to consider in addition to the pool itself. We will discuss the patio surrounding the pool, as well as fencing, lighting, landscaping, or any other requests you may have. Architectural challenges such as deep slopes, potential drainage issues and other complex site issues will also be addressed and taken into account before providing a final proposal.

This initial cost estimate will be submitted alongside conceptual drawings in order for your final approval. It is during this point that you and your designers will refine the final layout to your specifications and your budget.

Finishing Touches

Once a layout is agreed upon, it’s time to select many of the aesthetic properties of your pool and surrounding space.

Border tiles, plaster finish, pool coping, patio material, and fencing type are just some of the elements you may be asked to select from.


Construction begins after all required permits for your municipality have been obtained.

Excavation is the initial step, as we map out the shape of the pool and dig out and dispose of the dirt.

Afterwards the pool shell is created using a long-lasting combination of gunite and reinforced structural steel bars that are laid in a criss-cross pattern. Once the steel is laid the gunite mixture is added through a high pressure hose, which allows the gunite to fasten itself to the frame. Once the gunite is fully dried the refult is a highly durable pool shell.

Next the finishing touches are applied, followed by the filtration system, and power. Once the site is thoroughly cleaned and all debris and extra materials are removed we will begin filling your pool with water. After 24-48 hours we will return to ensure all equipment is functioning properly, add the first batch of chemicals and give you a thorough briefing on how to care for your brand new pool!

Creating Memories

By far the best step in the pool building process is the moment you get to finally enjoy your investment!

As with all our work we stand by our craftsmanship in the hopes that you and your family spend years enjoying your brand new aquatic oasis.

For regular maintenance, seasonal openings/closing and any future repairs and enhancements you may wish to make simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs!

Maintenance Packages

100% Work In-House

We never outsource our work, saving you both time & money.

Free Estimates

In-depth consultations with one of our experts long before you ever sign a contract.

Experts in Liner Repair

Old, tarnished or torn liners – we fix them all!

Your Aquatic Retreat Awaits!

Your Aquatic Retreat Awaits!

We offer pool heater maintenance programs & repairs to ensure you have a perfect swim, every time.

When it’s time for a replacement we can help with that too!

Want more information on heating your pool? Send us a message today!

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