Premium Cleaning Services
For All Your Pool Needs

Premium Cleaning Services
For All Your Pool Needs

Trust The Experts in Pool Care & Construction For Nearly 40 Years

Keeping Your Pool
Clear & Clean
All Season Long!

Proper pool maintenance is essential for maintaining a clean, healthy pool.

This regular maintenance helps keep your equipment operating safely & efficiently, preventing unnecessary breakdowns.

To save yourself time, money and achieve optimal pool results, let our experts do the hard work for you! We offer four great plans to suit the needs of every pool owner!

For the common tasks you should be completing on a regular basis to keep your pool running in prime condition, refer to our list below!

  • Check the skimmer baskets & pump strainer basket for debris daily

  • Remove debris and obstructions from the main drain cover

  • Make sure all chemicals are safely stored away from equipment

  • Ensure the heater is functioning properly

  • If you have a gas heater, make sure you can’t smell fumes

  • Check that skimmer covers are in place, screw-fastened & unbroken

  • Ensure the filter pressure gauge is in working condition & that the filter pressure is within the operating range specified in your manual.

  • Check that the pump and filter O-rings are in good condition and are sealing properly

  • Bleed off accumulated air from the system, as detailed in your manual.

  • Make sure all bonding & grounding wires are connected & in good condition

  • Make sure all wiring connections are clean & tight and all equipment & wires are in good condition

4 Great Plans To Choose From

Silver Package

  • Sanitization Package

  • Seasonal Weekly Cleanings

Gold Package

  • Sanitization Package

  • Open & Close Pool

Platinum Package

  • Sanitization Package

  • Open & Close Pool

  • Initial Cleanup

  • 3 Cleanings When Needed

Diamond Package

  • Sanitization Package

  • Open & Close Pool

  • Initial Cleanup

  • 17 Weekly Cleanings

100% Work In-House

We never outsource our work, saving you both time & money.

Free Estimates

In-depth consultations with one of our experts long before you ever sign a contract.

Experts in Liner Repair

Old, tarnished or torn liners – we fix them all!

Pool Care &
Maintenance Packages

Pool Heater Replacement & Repair

We offer pool maintenance programs to ensure you have a perfect swim, every time.

When it’s time for repairs or equipment replacement, we can help with that too!

Want more information on our maintenance packages? Send us a message today!

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