Vinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl Pool Liners

Trust The Experts in Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs & Replacements For Nearly 40 Years

Is Your Liner Old, Faded
or Falling Apart?

That means it’s time for a new liner!

Pool liners typically need to be replaced every 6-8 years depending on the level of proper care a pool has received.

Not addressing a tarnished liner that’s falling apart can lead to very expensive pool damage, such as concrete/sand wall blow outs.

For minor to moderately severe rips and tears, our experts may be able to repair the damage saving you thousands of dollars!

What You Should Know Before Installing A Vinyl Pool

Vinyl-lined pools are the most common type of swimming pool, and for good reason. While fiberglass pools have their benefits, vinyl liners offer a number of advantages for the discerning pool buyer.

If you’re considering installing an in-ground pool in your backyard, here is a breakdown of the common pros and cons of opting for a vinyl pool.

Pros of Vinyl Liner Pools

  • Cost Effective

  • Low Maintenance

  • Endless Design Options

  • Smooth to The Touch

  • Fast Installation Time

Cons of Vinyl Liner Pools

  • Liners need replacing every 5-10 years

  • Higher lifetime cost than fiberglass pools

  • More prone to algae growth than fiberglass pools

  • Vinyl liners can be easily stained by debris left in the pool for long-periods

  • Sharp objects can damage liners

  • Can become slippery if pool chemistry isn’t properly balanced

Before Liner ReplacementAfter Liner Replacement

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Liner Repair

Liner Repair

We offer pool liner repairs to ensure you have a perfect swim, every time.

When it’s time for a replacement we can help with that too!

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